Rufus Teague Tres Chiles Pica Dulce BBQ Sauce

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Tres Chiles Pica Dulce essentially means Three Peppers with Sweet Heat. And that's just what it is. A true fusion of Midwestern BBQ and authentic Hispanic flair. This unique and decadent sauce is packed with flavor thanks to a blend of chipotle, arbol and hatch peppers mixed with zesty lime. This is a whole new idea on how BBQ sauce can be reimagined through the lens of genuine Latino flavors. We wanted something that mixed authentically deep, smoky and bitter chili pepper flavors with the sweetness that Midwest BBQ sauces are known for. And that's just what we made. Try it on everything from grilled or slow-cooked meat, to tacos or nachos or even as a your new favorite topper for a burger. As with all Rufus sauces, this is the real deal, not some cheap junk. - Cooked down for intense flavor - Gluten-free and Non-GMO verified - Bottled in reusable glass whiskey flask - NO high fructose corn syrup
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